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Vidzual is excited to submit a Request for Proposal to Calvary Baptist Church to enhance the Church's brand and worship experience through high-quality videos and digital assets.

After careful analysis of Calvary's current media assets, there is potential to enhance brand alignment and effective digital communication. Professional-grade media including video, audio, graphic design, and website development will help better convey Calvary's values, vision, and engage its audiences in meaningful ways.

Our concept development process will provide strategic clarity and creative alignment for the overall project. Then using the latest technology, Vidzual will produce compelling and engaging content to be utilized across a variety of Calvary's digital platforms.

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Vidzual is an all inclusive digital media company offering a variety of services to help fulfill all your multimedia needs. 

From nonprofits, educational institutions, small businesses, to corporate companies, we assist with telling compelling stories, visually. Whether it's through cinematic video productions, high quality photos, or digitally crafted designs, our team helps share your organization's voice through branded strategies and visual communication.

Let us turn your vision into a Vidzual!

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Dr. Evan Brown is a creative digital media specialist with extensive project experience from concept to development. With a decade of hands-on filming and editing experience, brand marketing, media management, and audio engineering expertise, Dr. Brown has been able to provide a diverse group of services.

Dr. Brown received his Ph.D in Educational Administration. He holds a M.S. in Professional Media & Media Management with a focus in Film, and also a B.A. in Radio & TV with a specialization in Audio Engineering and a minor in Music Business.

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Offers a refreshed and modernized visual representation of a brand that communicates the church's values, mission, and vision in a compelling and authentic manner.



High quality visuals to be shown for weekly announcements during services and online platforms. When a video is high-quality and well produced, it has the ability to capture the attention of viewers. 



Capturing clear and crisp audio suitable for voiceovers, ensuring high-quality sound for different multimedia projects. Professional sound quality can elevate the listening experience and convey messages with clarity and impact.



Designing and maintaining a user-friendly website that showcases the church's activities, sermons, events, and resources. A well-crafted and user-friendly website has the power to engage visitors and leave a lasting impression.



Custom graphic designs for Sunday streaming and online platforms. Captivating visuals play a crucial role in communicating messages effectively and enhancing brand recognition.

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  • Conceptualize and design a refreshed brand identity that resonates with Calvary's values and appeals to its target audience.

  • Create updated brand assets, including logos, color palettes, typography, and visual elements, ensuring consistency and scalability.

  • Develop brand guidelines and style guides to maintain coherence and uniformity across all brand communications.


  • Plan, storyboard, and execute video content in collaboration with church leadership for weekly announcements and social content. 

  • Edit video footage using professional editing software to produce polished, engaging, and visually appealing final products.

  • Schedule content film days to record bulk amount of visuals 1-2x per month.


  • Set up and operate audio recording equipment to capture clear and high-quality sound for voiceovers.

  • Monitor audio levels and adjust settings as needed to ensure optimal sound quality and clarity.

  • Edit and mix recorded audio tracks to remove background noise, enhance clarity, and achieve a professional sound.


  • Design and develop a user-friendly website for the church (using Wix) that showcases its activities, sermons, events, and resources.

  • Build and maintain website functionality, including navigation, forms, multimedia integration, and mobile responsiveness.

  • Update website content regularly to keep it current and relevant to the church community.

  • Provide technical support and troubleshooting assistance for website issues as needed.


  • Design visually appealing graphics for weekly announcements and social platforms.

  • Create custom artwork, illustrations, and typography that reflect the church's branding and messaging.


  • Oversee the strategy and day-to-day execution for branding, video, audio, web, and graphic design. 

  • Prepare video, audio, and graphics for weekly announcements. 

  • Collaborate with church leadership, staff, and volunteers to understand their needs and objectives for media production.

  • Capture high-quality photos of 1-2 services per month

  • Manage project timelines, budgets, and resources effectively to ensure timely delivery of high-quality content.

  • Communicate regularly with stakeholders to provide updates on project progress, solicit feedback, and address concerns.

  • Stay informed about emerging technologies, trends, and best practices in media production to continually improve services and capabilities.

  • Uphold the church's mission, values, and branding guidelines in all media production activities.

  • Foster a positive and collaborative work environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and excellence.

  • Provide all equipment necessary to high-quality film productions and audio.

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The brand revamp initiative will be approached as a continuous work in progress, recognizing that meaningful changes require time and ongoing refinement. Through iterative stages and collaborative efforts, we aim to evolve the church's brand identity authentically and effectively over time. We estimate the following timeline for implementing the proposed services:


Concept Development Meetings

Brand Revamp

Development of Media Production Plan (Film scheduling, audio recording, etc.)

Website Design

MONTH 4-12

Ongoing production and delivery of media content according to the agreed-upon schedule.

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Film Slate Marker

Our pricing for the comprehensive media production services is as follows:


Additional expenses such as software purchases if needed, or specialized services will be discussed and agreed upon separately. 

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Film Production

​By partnering with Vidzual, Calvary can expect:

  • One stop shop for all media services, ensuring high-quality cohesiveness across all work.

  • Professional-quality media content that enhances the church's image and engagement with the congregation and community.

  • Consistent branding and messaging across all media platforms.

  • Increased online presence and reach through well-designed websites and social media content.

  • Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure smooth operation of media production services.


Excited to delve deeper into enhancing CBC's branding and worship experience. Let's coordinate a meeting to discuss and go over the proposal. Anticipating your response!

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